Sunday, February 17, 2013

Guess That Doll #2 Results!

Hi everyone, thanks so much for voting and everything, but I've got the results now!!  Ok, here we go:
1. Doll Number 1:

JLY #46!!  JLY 46 was voted by...Dakota, KatarinaAGStudios, MarieGraceGardener & maysee10
2. Doll Number 2:

Felicity!  Felicity was voted by....Dakota, MarciaBrady, KatarinaAGStudios, MarieGraceGardener, sparkie926 & maysee10
3. Doll Number 3:

Marisol!  Surprinsgly, no one guessed Marisol!  I guess I went a little hard on the blueprint part...
Check back tommorow for the next dolls!

I did not include what people commented and email me, sorry.  I didn't have time, but good job to those who got them right!
~Hope: PrincessAG~
P.S. Check out Show Us! Sunday pictures!

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