Saturday, February 16, 2013

Guess That Doll #2!

Hi everyone, like I did on the AG Message Board, I am doing a Guess That Doll #2!  So, the rules are simple.  I just give you three choices of dolls and guess what each 3 are, here are more rules:
1. The doll can be ANY doll, JLY, MAG, GOTY or Historical.  It can be retired, as well. 
2. The doll picture can have any effect, including pixelate, blueprint, comic, etc. 
3. Please do not vote numerous times.  You can change your vote, but only your first votes count. 
4. The doll(s) will be posted on Monday, a poll will begin on Thursday (if 5 people or more have guessed), with the guessed dolls.  The poll will close on Saturday, and winners will be announced on Sunday.
5. In response, you must put what choice and the 1 or 2 (no more) doll(s) that you might think it will be.
Any questions??  Let's get started, this might be a bit tricky, but at the same time easy, lol:
1. Choice 1:

Which doll is it?
2. Choice 2:

Which doll is it?
3. Choice 3:

Which doll is it?
Guess now!


  1. 1. Cecile

    2. Felicity or Mia

    3. Julie

    That was fun! Hope, could you add a followers gadget so I can follow you?

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  3. 1. #44, or #26
    2. Felicity or Mia

  4. 1. Is too easy Jly 46 I love her so and look at her a lot
    2. Felicity


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