Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ruthie's Birthday Party: Photostory!

Hello AG Fans,
Today was Ruthie's Birthday Party, and a Snow Day!!  (Her acutal birthday was Feburary 12th!)  We celebrated by having a party!
Here's Ruthie with her birthday banner!  She's having it in our basement!
This is the refreshment table!!  It has the movie Ruthie picked out for them to watch later, cookies (coming soon in a few minutes!), Hershey's Kisses, Snickers and chocolate grahm crackers!
Here is her special birthday pin.  It says "Birthday Girl" on it!
As Ruthie arranged the table, her guests began to arrive, presents in hand!
They set their gifts on the gift table (acutally the couch)
Ruthie led the girls to the refreshment table, so they could get snacks before the cookies came out.
They each had a chocolate grahm cracker (Ruthie had 2, she is the birthday girl!), 4 Hershey's Kisses and a small Snickers.
Here is a close-up of our birthday girl!!  Happy birthday, Ruthie!
The girls began to finish, and they put their refreshments in the trash.  "That was yummy!" cried Kit.  "Agreed," said Sydney Lee and Caroline.  "Yup!" said Mallory.

Then the cookies arrived!!  They would eat them during the movie!
"Time for presents!" said Ruthie, and Mommy laid out all the presents next to her.  She picked up Caroline's first.  It had special frog wrapping paper, which Ruthie loved!
"It's your day!  Happy birthday! ~Caroline" the card said.  "Pretty," said Ruthie, as she carefully took the card off and tore into the wrapping paper.

Molly Takes Flight!!  A book!!  "Thank you!" cried Ruthie.  Next was Sydney Lee's present, it said "Happy Birthday!  Best Wishes, Sydney Lee".
"2 books!" cried Ruthie, "Doll Diaries and Rose's Window!!  Thanks, Sydney!"  She gasped in delight and began to open Mallory's present, next.

2 books and a cat!!  A craft books and a book about cats!  "Thank you!" cried Ruthie, grabbing Kit's present next.

It was 2 more books!!  And a special cat!  Ann's Big Fan, and one special book called Attic Ghost, Kit had written herself!

"Hey, look!" cried Ruthie, "an extra card and gift, who could this be from?"  It said, "WE LOVE YOU!-Everyone.  Keep smiling :) !"  "Thanks!" cried Ruthie, grabbing the gift.
It was wrapped in special paper and tied with ribbon.
"A special keepsake box!!  In my favorite color!" cried Ruthie.
Next it was time to watch the movie, Kit!

Good-bye, everyone!
Here are the outfits we wore:
My favorite, my meet dress, socks & shoes with...
A special black bow for my hair!
Kit wore her birthday dress & headband with Felicity's Holiday Gown's shoes!
Caroline wore her Travel Outfit with her bonnet!
And Mallory, the "fashionista," put together a pretty outfit!!  Pigtails, pink earrings, pink bow, pink heart shirt, Snow Flurry leggings, pink tutu and her meet purple shoes!
That's all for now!!  Good-bye everyone! 
~Hope: PrincessAG~
Have your dolls have any birthday parties?  Any upcoming birthdays?

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