Thursday, February 21, 2013

SNOW DAY!! Weather Girl: Sydney Lee

Hello, AG Fans,
I'm so excited to say...WE DIDN'T HAVE SCHOOL TODAY!!  SNOW DAY!!  We almost got 1 foot!!  We got 10 inches (is what my dad says), here are some pictures from the Weather Girl: Sydney Lee!
Hello!  Welcome to my Weather Corner!!  Today we got almost 1 FOOT of snow!!  Here are some pictures of how CRAZY high the snow is!
The view from mommy's screen window.  It's a little "screeny" so you can't see very well.
Here's another picture from a different room on the side.  Look at that snow!!
Here's our back deck!!  Look how high!  Look at the grill!
Here are some VERY long chairs we have.  Look, they look teeny of how much the snow is covering!
Here is the deck, 3 hours later!!  It's began to snow again, and school is cancelled tommorow, too.  Look!
Thanks for viewing!
~Hope: PrincessAG & Sydney Lee: The Weather Girl!~
Did it snow where you are?

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  1. WOW!!!! :) We dont have school tomorrow! Got out early today!!!! YAH!!!


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