Sunday, February 17, 2013

American Girl: Book Count!

Hi girls,
I spent the morning counting all my AG books (historicals, help, quiz books, puzzle books...everything!) and I've got (DRUMROLL)...................
Ok, yeah, not that much to some people, but I'm super excited ;) !!  I plan to get more with birthday money, but my parents will buy me books, so maybe I can ask about that....anyways, here is the list of them and some cute pictures from counting!
Mallory decided to help.  Isn't her outfit cute? ;) She might have borrowed it from Ruthie.....:0 ;)

Here she is, digging into the books!  Hehe, can you see Sydney Lee's book on the side?

Wow, here's the books halfway through!
And, the pile at the end!!  Wow, I never knew we had that much books!!  Can you see Kit's Home Run on the top?

And Mallory, standing on top of the pile of books!
Here's the list of books we have:
1. Sydney Lee: Stars in Your Eyes (Our Generation-OG)
2. A Smart Girl's Guide to the Internet
3. A Smart Girl's Guide to Manners
4. A Smart Girl's Guide to Friendship Troubles
5. Meet Caroline
6. Caroline's Secret Message
7. Clutter Control
8. Just Dad & Me
9. Just Grandma & Me
10. Just Mom & Me
11. Meet Kit
12. Meet Kit (I have 2 Meet Kit's)
13. Kit Learns a Lesson
14. Really Truly Ruthie
15. Molly's Magnetic World
16. The Quiz Book
17. The Quiz Book 2
18. Real Beauty
19. Stand Up For Yourself & Others
20. The Care & Keeping of You
21. What a Girl Loves-Puzzle Book
22. Writing Smarts
23. Oh Brother, Oh Sister
24. Lists! A Year of Stuff About Me
25. Kit's Home Run-Short story
That's all!  Do you have any AG books?  Any of the ones I have?  I'd love to hear!
~Hope: PrincessAG~
P.S. Look out for a movie & craft counting tommorow!


  1. Hello, Hope! Yes, I do have some AG books, but the only ones that I have that you have is: Meet Kit, Kit Learns a Lesson, and Caroline's Secret Message. :)

  2. Cool! I plan to go to the bookstore today to buy some more ;)

  3. Oh, Mallory, you look ADORABLE today! Hope, you have a lot of AG books, congrats! :D My mom and me have:

    Meet Molly (MY Meet book)
    Meet Josefina
    Meet Cecile
    Missing Grace, a Kit Mystery (it's lost....we can't find it)

    And that's about it!


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