Tuesday, February 3, 2015

AGDS Weekly-2/3/15

Hey guys!  Kit here, and welcome to our second AGDS weekly (I think? :P)  Anyways, this should've been up a week ago, but we've been having technical difficulties.  Anyways, here's the schedule for the month of February:
Feb 2nd-Groundhog Day
Feb 9th-Mallory Monday #3
Feb 12th-Ruthie's birthday (our Ruthie, at least)
Feb 14th-Valentine's Day
Feb 16th-President's Day & AGDS Weekly #3
Feb 23rd-Mallory Monday #4
So, that's our schedule! :) Anyways, moving onto the news!
Groundhog Day
Were you hoping for six more weeks of winter or an early spring?  I wanted spring, and of course for like the tenth year in the row the groundhog saw his shadow >.<  Honestly, I'm tired of all this cold
Ruthie's Birthday
Ruthie's birthday is on the 12th, and she said she didn't want a party.  But honestly, who doesn't want a party?  So, guess what?  We're throwing a SURPRISE PARTY for her!!!  :D
Valentine's Day
Whoooo's excited for Valentine's Day?  I sure am :D Mal and Saige are throwing a party, and I'm pretty excited.  I volunteered for the snack committee, but apparently I can't because I'll eat all the food!? -_-
Anyways, have a great week!  Cya in 2 weeks :)

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