Thursday, July 18, 2013

Suggestions :)

Hey girls,
Sooo I don't really know what to post about lately.  I know I'm doing a post series and everything, but I need IDEAS.
So please comment with some ideas. It can be anything--video, photostory, pictures. :)
And when I do your idea, I'll give you credit and a link to your blog/MB.


  1. You could do caption that doll photo!

  2. I think more photostories! More with the evil Barbies! :D

  3. How about a photostory where they have a craft party or something? :)

  4. Well I read through al of your post and my absolute farorites were the two with the really long story you typed about sage going to inner star U I REALLY JUST LOVED those post I think they were the best youve ever done I know it task a while but it would just be REALLY AWESOME if you did!



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