Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Missing Tiara Part 1

Hey girls!  It's time for another Photostory! :D I'm sorry I haven't been posting anything good lately, so yeah :) I'm excited to finally do a real post goes:
It was rainy day outside, and Kit & Ruthie were sitting at the table playing cards. "Your turn!" Kit said to Ruthie.

Ruthie started to pick up a card to play, when suddenly Sydney Lee walked in, looking worried.

"It's gone!" cried Sydney Lee, "it's gone!" 
"What's gone?" Kit asked, looking up from the card table.
"My tiara for my dance recital next week," explained Sydney Lee frantically, "I was practicing my dance with it, and then I left it on my bed.  I went to get a glass of juice and to play on the iPad, and when I came back it was gone!"

"I can find it for you!" exclaimed Kit, "I'm great at solving mysteries!"
"Just let me go get my notebook," Kit said. 
When Kit returned, Sydney Lee looked really frantic.  "Now," said Kit, opening her notebook, "what does your tiara look like?"  "It's pink," answered Sydney Lee, "with sparkles.  And pink and blue ribbons."  "Alright," said Kit, "I'll keep an eye out."

Kit quickly scribbled down everything in her journal, and went back to resume her card game with Ruthie.

"Thanks for helping, Kit!" said Sydney Lee.

On her way back to the card game, Kit looked down when she saw a flash of color.
Kit kneeled down!  It was a blue ribbon, like Sydney Lee had said was on her tiara!  Kit gasped and immeaditly started to record it in her notebook.
She picked it up and started to go through the door to play with Ruthie, when she heard Mallory call "Kit!"

Kit looked over and gasped!  Mallory was wearing one of the same blue ribbons she'd found on the ground!  Could she be the thief of the tiara?
:) Hope you liked it!  Feel free to comment!
Who do you think took the tiara?  And why?  Do you think Mallory took it?  Where did Mallory find the ribbon?
Stay tuned for Part 2!


  1. My guess is Ruthie!

  2. Hmmm...I think Mallory took it by accident! Ooh, or maybe a Barbie took it, and when Kit started looking for it, she put it with Mallory's hair supplies, so when Mallory was doing her hair, she saw the pretty blue ribbon, and did her hair with it!


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