Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hope's Edit, Button & Signature Shop

Hey girls!  I recently started an Edit, Button & Signature Shop and I'd love it if you want to order anything, here are some things you need to know before ordering:
Here you can order an edit, a button for your blog/MB to advertise on others blogs, and a signature for you on your blog/signature on the MB.  In fact, if you order a button for your MB/blog, I will even advertise it on MY blog, AG Dolly Sisters!  (Only if you want me to)
So, you can request your edit in a reply, or fill out my form here or go here:
I will promise to get your edit in a week or less!  If you give me your email I can email you for more info/when it will be done.
Note: You can supply a picture for me to edit or I will Google one.  IF I Google one, please be aware it could be someone else's picture, so ALL, ALL, ALL credit is given to them!  I don't want anyone mad! :) Thanks!

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