Monday, March 4, 2013

"Meet Samantha" Book Review

Hey, girls!
I recently read "Meet Samantha!"  I've read it before, but of course I just got it, and I wanted to re-read it.  Just to let you know, NO SPOILERS!! I reviewed it so you girls know what to think, if you haven't read it, before purchasing or checking out from the library.
Notice: Everything in this review, including the opoinions, pictures and EVERYTHING is mine.  If you disagree with anything, please do not start a fight or comment rudely.  Just know that this is all in my mind, and our minds are DIFFERENT!! 
I've decided to do my "Reviews" Corner with Kit and Caroline.  Kit's here to help today.
To start of with, Samantha's book was very detailed, using adjectives and adverbs alot.  I really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful pictures.
My favorite character, not because she was the main character, was Samantha.  I also liked Jessie, because she was always willing to help Samantha if she had torn her dress, or something like that.  And, you could tell Samantha cared for Jessie, because she got worried when Jessie quit.
My favorite picture of the book!
My Review: Overall, I loved the "Meet Samantha" book.  It seemed amazingly written, and the picturs were a nice touch.  I loved that they didn't over-explain, but not too briefly either.  I also enjoyed how instead of just saying something like, "There were mounds of cake balls on her plate," they said something like, "There we huge, gushy mounds of brown cake balls on her plate."  Like I said, using descreptive adjectives and adverbs helps alot.
Well, that was my review on "Meet Samantha!"
~Hope: PrincessAG~
Have you read Meet Samantha?

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  1. Groovy! ;). I really like the book Meet Samantha, too!


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