Thursday, March 21, 2013

American Girl Place Dallas Part 3-Shopping!

Hey girls, here is Part 3 of my visit to AGP Dallas!  Check out for Part 4 (What I Got) coming later today!
These are the party rooms, I <3 there door design!

The men's bathroom is over here!

The sinks in the girl's bathroom

The doll holders!  These are adorable!
The cheerleaders in the upstairs hallway.  I want this outfit for Mallory, who is a cheerleader!
CUTE!  The volleyball set, if I am correct?
The soccer set

The skiing set
A MAG doll with Honey in the new pet set!  My friend, Cindy, recently got this MAG!  (I think it was this one, right Cindy?)

The cute party set with these adorable dresses!

The escalator
The Saige cutout

The Mini Dolls

Molly & Emily.  I think they are going to be archived next :(, sadly (so I'm planning to buy Molly soon)

The McKenna movie was playing!

All the movie selections!  I hope to get McKenna soon, because that's the only one I don't have!  Soon, Saige's movie will be up there! :)

All the doll craft books.  I really want Doll Star, Doll Boutique, Doll Travel & Doll Dining.


All the books!  Historcial, help, etc.

Julie & Nutmeg on Julie's bed

Kit's Bed & PJ's
Julie & Ivy's world

Molly & Emily's world
Caroline's world

Caroline's VERY expensive parlor

Rebecca's world (sorry it's so blurry)
Cecile & Marie-Grace's world

Kaya's world

Caroline's bed 
Cecile's bed
Marie-Grace's bedset

Rebecca's bed

Kit's scooter set with Grace

Rebecca's adorable dress (my friend Jan recently got this Rebecca set to her right!)

And, pictures of the outside AGP Dallas for Jan! 
Hope you enjoyed all my pictures!  Be on the lookout for Part 4 coming later today!


  1. Have you been to other American Girl stores? If so how does the Dallas one compare to them? (I live close to the Dallas one which lets me go there a lot, so I like to hear what others think!)

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!! I know, the doll holders are adorable, and I LOVED the Saige cutout, I got my picture taken with mom and her friends up there! :D :D :D


  3. Fun! K and I just reacently went to AGP DC!


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