Saturday, February 23, 2013

Caption that Doll Picture #2!

Hello AG Fans,
Yay!!  It's time to announce the winner of "Caption That Doll!"  I had the HARDEST time picking, and I'm not just saying, I mean it!!  I recieved a few, luckily not only 1 ;) .  Thanks girls that participated, I really look forward to your captions!!  And now, to announce the winner (and 2nd place!).....
Jan's caption:
Mallory: And now, for Mallory's Amazing Daily Talk Show!
Caroline: Hmm..
Mallory: Notice my lovely outfit, with my mix and match shoes!
Caroline: I wonder if she knows this isn't a video camera....
2nd Place Goes To....
Cindy's caption:
CAROLINE: Let me take your picture, Mallory.
MALLORY: No, I'm practicing for a talent show!
CAROLINE: You are? It looks like you're posing for me.
MALLORY: Well, I'm practicing "Keep On".
CAROLINE: I don't remember that pose being one of the steps in that song.
MALLORY: Well...umm...I know! Let's just do it together!
-dancing- "We're gonna keep on, keep on, keep on dancing all through
the night! We're gonna keep on, keep on, keep on doing it right....
Thanks to all the other girls who entered!!  We had a few more captions, and here is this week's picture....

What do you think Caroline and Kit are thinking/saying?
1. You can either submit yours in a comment or by emailing me at agdollysisters@gmail.com2. Every Saturday a new one will appear, with the winner of the past week.
3. Sometimes I will let YOU decide by posting the ones I like, and a voting thingy.
4. I normally pick on Saturday's around 10/11 AM Central time


  1. Wow!!!! Thx so much for picking my caption, Hope! :). Cindy's caption is funny! :)

  2. Caroline slowly walks up to kit.

    Caroline: Kit, are you dead?

    Kit: No, I am just uh, trying out a new massage therapy workout. It supposed to relax your brain. It's called, uh, "box-head" You're supposed to wear it for a week!

    Caroline gives Kit a weird look and says: uh-huh....

    Caroline walks away.

    Kit: Phew! If Caroline found out that I am actually trying to become a comedian. Oh, don't say it! I really want to be one!


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