Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hey girls!
I'm so excited it's Christmas!  It's always happy when the holidays roll around, and it's sad when they go :( But let us all remember the true meaning for the Christmas season--"the reason for the season" is Jesus! :D Happy birthday to Jesus! :)
Anyways, here's our photostory from Christmas morning:

"GIRLS!" cried Kit, waking everybody up except Molly (who was the early bird). "IT'S CHRISTMAS!"

Kit came running to the tree where presents lay underneath.  "OH MY GOODNESS!" cried Kit, "I got a gift card to a bookstore and a sports store!  AWESOME!"

Next Mal came running in, crying, "It's Christmas!  Happy birthday Jesus!"

"THE GUITAR!" cried Mal, "the guitar I wanted!!!  I've been wishing for this for forever...oh!  And the guitar books!"

Molly was the next to come in.  "My Christmas Dress!" she cried, "perfect!  My Christmas dress to celebrate Christmas, before it retires!"

Molly immediately put on the green dress, with white ruffles and crisp white buttons.

"I love it!"

Next came in Saige, who joyfully cried over her new sweater outfit, which she also tried on!

And of course Caroline, who got the winter poncho and headband she wanted!  Then came in Ruthie, who got the poetry and craft books she wanted, and then Sydney Lee got the new ballet shoes she wanted.
Then all the dolls gathered around the tree and sang happy birthday to Jesus, remembering why we celebrate Christmas, because of Jesus's birth.  Though the presents are fun because the Wise Men brought Jesus gifts, we have to remember the true reason for the season.
Here's some pictures of what I got:

Saige's Sweater Outfit--I simply adore it!  The pants were a bit of a struggle to get on, but other than that I love it!

A bottom view

And Saige's sandals

Next, Molly's Christmas Dress.  This is very cute, and really poofy!  I really like it! :)

A bottom view...

And of course, the guitar set and books

Here is the guitar, in it's case

The case opened

A closer look at the guitar.  I love the detail AG put into it!  You can even make it play a little by picking the strings.

I especially love the straps on the back of the case to carry the guitar.

And the two books--perfectly AG doll-sized and it even has pages of music, chords and theory inside! :) 

Lastly, this cute little winter poncho (I think..) and headband.  You get this at AG for purchasing a certain amount of money.  I think it's really cute and very detailed!
Merry Christmas to all--and I got a big surprise this year!  Instead of getting a laptop, I got something else.  Can you guess what it was? :)
Merry Christmas!


  1. Cool! :) I got 2 new mini dolls that I wasn't even expecting, plus an 18" and a 23" doll!:) It's been my best Christmas ever! I even got a new Sherlock Holmes book! :) i hope you had a good Christmas.:)

  2. For Christmas I got Saige's Parade Outfit!
    And, hmm I think you got a new doll!

  3. AWESOME! The guitar set looks....a...m....aaaazzziiinnnggg!!!!!
    I think you IPAD! or an iPHONE! Or a new doll, no I don't think it's a new doll, maybe something else, maybe a wii? IDK! Merry (LATE) Christmas! XD


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