Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 7: Make a Snowman Hanging

Hey girls!  Isn't it so fun to make your own decorations for your doll's room?  Well here's a fun, simple idea, and you'll probably have all the supplies to make it!

Remember back in the AG Magazine one or two years ago, when they sent little snowmen punch-outs and the craft?  Well now, I'm going to share how YOU can make your own Snowman Hanging!

Here are the supplies you will need:
White Printer Paper (or Construction Paper)
Scotch Tape (just in case, not essential)

Step 1: Draw a snowman (you can draw three circles, I just drew two though ;)) on the white printer paper.  If you need to, practice drawing snowmen until you get the hang of it.

I added a little top hat just for fun ;)

Step 2: Next, cut the snowman out around the edges..  Careful though, you don't want to cut your snowman! :D

Step 3: Take your hole puncher and punch two holes side by side on the snowman's top hat

Like this :)

Step 4: Next, take the thread and pull it through both of the holes on the snowman's top hat!

Step 5: Repeat the same steps and make more snowmen, but do different shapes, sizes and looks!

Step 6: After you've made all your snowmen, start to customize them

I drew a little blue scarf on the first snowman I made! 

When your done, you'll have a beautiful snowmen hanging, just like the one AG sent out! :) 
What crafts do you make for Christmas decorating?

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