Monday, December 23, 2013

Deck the Halls...

Hey girls!  Kit here, and today was a festive day here!  We set up our Christmas Tree today! :) So here's what happened...

Molly and I came lugging the Christmas tree in, it was new and Mal had picked it out.

"Pink?" I sighed, "pink?  Does it have to be pink!?"  "Well, sorry," replied Mal, "it just goes great with the room tone, you know what I mean?" 

"Just a little to the left, girls," said Mal, "a little bit more, to the right an inch, parfait!"  (OH by the way if you do not speak French 'parfait' means perfect in French).

The tree was set up, and everybody admired it.  It looked perfect!

"Ornaments!" cried Caroline.  "Ooooh!" said Mal, "très chic!  Those colors will look amazing on the tree!"

"Don't forget the tree skirt!" cried Saige, who proudly held up the white skirt.

Saige lifted the skirt under the tree, and positioned it to look nicely.

Next, the dolls began to hung the ornaments on the tree.  There were blue ornaments, gold ornaments, red ornaments--even green ornaments!
The girls stepped back to admire the tree-it looked wonderful!

"I love the tree!" cried Saige, and everyone agreed (except I was still wondering--why did we get a pink tree!?)
Merry (early) Christmas!
Your reporter and writer,

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  1. Lol, poor Kit with the pink tree! :) My dolls are putting their tree up today! :) And I'm really happy, because my doll's present came this morning! :)


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