Thursday, December 26, 2013

12 Christmas Days Recap

Hey girls!  Here's a recap over the 12 Days of Christmas (Christmas Days) with different crafts/hairstyles/activities for your dolls:
Day 1: Beginning-click here (click on the c)
On Day 1 I just explained what would be happening during the 12 Days of Christmas and how it would work! :)
Day 2: Holiday Ribbon Twist Hairstyle-click

On Day 2 I showed everyone how to do the Holiday Ribbon Twist Hairstyle! :)
Day 3: Doll Christmas Lists Part 1-click

On Day 3 I showed you guys how to make a cute doll Christmas list (part 1)
Day 4: Make a Doll Christmas Card!-click

Then for Day 4, I showed how to make a Doll Christmas Card online!
Day 5: Make your Christmas List!click
For Day 5, I gave some tips on deciding between items for your Christmas list!
Day 6: Room Decorating Tips-click
For Day 6, I gave some doll room decorating tips (for Christmas).
Day 7: Make a Snowman Hanging-click

For Day 7, I showed how to make a snowman hanging like AG made.
Day 8: Braid Bun Hairstyle-click

On Day 8, I showed how to make a simple, easy braid bun
Day 9: Doll Christmas Lists Part 2-click

For Day 9, I showed how to complete your doll's Christmas list! :)
Day 10: Doll Christmas Present Ideas-click
Then, for Day 10, I gave some ideas for your doll's Christmas presents! :)
Day 11: Watch a Christmas Movie-click
For Day 11, I gave the idea of watching a Chrismas movie for spending the holiday's with your dolls or making a photostory!
Day 12: Throw a Doll Christmas Party!-click
For Day 12, I showed how to throw an awesome doll Christmas party!
Well there was the recap! :)
Which was your favorite 12 Day of Christmas?


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