Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 6: Room Decorating Tips

Hey girls!
Every holiday season, I love to decorate my doll's room with Christmas decorations.  Trying to come up with ideas for the perfect doll Christmas themed room?  Well here are a few! :)
1. Sparkly Tinsel!
Tinsel is always a fun holiday decoration, and you can use it for your doll's room!  If you have the long tinsel (that sticks together), hang it around your doll's room.  If you have the the little strips of tinsel, take a few and stick them on a piece of tape (so they are the same length) and stick the tape in your doll's room!  Perfect! 
2. Stockings
Of course, your dolls need little stockings to hang!  You can find mini stockings for great prices at your local Dollar Store, Target or Walmart.  Then you can use little stick-on letters (or make your own) to show which doll's stocking it is!  You can also use an old baby sock for a stocking.
3. A Christmas Tree!
Small Christmas trees can be hard to find, but you can look for them at Walmart, Target or Hobby Lobby.  They are simply adorable--but of course you need some mini ornaments to hang on the tree!  Hobby Lobby has great mini ornaments--so check there!
4. Snowmen
You can make little snowmen from socks, make snowmen wall hangings or just use a stuffed animal snowman to make your doll's room look "wintery."  Put him in some "snow" (tinsel) and make a wintery scene around him!
5. Come up with your own!
There are so many ideas we haven't listed, waiting to be made by you!  So think of your own idea and make your doll's room look festive!
How do you decorate your doll's room?

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