Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winter Fashion 2013!

Bonjour, my adoring fans!  Oui, it's me--Mallory!  And it's time for another one of my amazing fashion posts, this time it shall be about WINTER FASHION!!!  As you know, winter is the time for Northface jackets, Uggs, and scarves--but what about for AG Dolls?

This outfit is simply perfect for celebrating Christmas!  I adore the red sparkles, and love the red rose!  
These pajamas are sooo adorable and warm and cozy for the winter season, I really like the little boots!
Loving this super fuzzy winter outfit <3!  The white puff is so cute and the boots really compliment the outfit!
Três chic!  I love the pink, white and gray mix—though this is quite similar to the Snow Flurry outfit....

Perfect for the sporty dolls!  I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE THOSE BOOTS!  The vest is simply adorable, too!
I also love this pink animal print outfit at Dreamworld Collections, link:
[long link O.O]
Well, goodbye my fans!  That's all for this post!
Stay fabulous! 

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