Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 5: Make Your Christmas List!

Hey girls!
Today was a busy day so today's Christmas idea is going to be quick.  :)
So, since it is nearing Christmas--of course you need to make your Christmas list!  To decide, think of some things you really, really want, and just add them!  Stuck deciding between two things?  Make a list of pros and cons about each item.  Whichever has more pros, go for it!  Or, if it is going to retire soon (for AG items) try to go with the one you think will retire/be sold out soon.
Comment below and share your Christmas lists! :)
Once again, I apologize for the short post!  Today was super busy (with Christmas coming up), so I had to think of a different post instead of the one I'd scheduled
Thanks for understanding!
~Hope :)

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