Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day 4: Make a Doll Christmas Card!

To celebrate the holidays, I always love making Christmas cards! :) And I thought it would be super fun to show you how to take the perfect picture, edit it, and make it into a Christmas Card!

First to make a Christmas card, I'd take some pictures of your dolly family.  I would also use some of your dolly pictures you've taken in the past! :D

It's always fun to take family photos! :) Arrange your dolls in nice positions and make them pose!

It's always fun to take funny pictures, too! :) Here's Sydney Lee photobombing the picture!
And now, time to start editing your card!
First, go through all the photos and choose  the ones you like best!  After you've selected them, use a few of them and edit them (make little Santa hats or something on them).  To do so, I'd recommend using FotoFlexer (  After you have your pic ready, go to decorate and click on 'stickers.' 

Here's what I did with the stickers!
After your done, use all the pictures you want to use and make it into a collage, and I recommend Photovisi for that. :) Just create it into collage, add a "Merry Christmas!" on it and your doll's names, and your set!  Here's the finishing Christmas card:

I hope you like it! :) Go ahead and try it yourself!
~Hope and the dolls

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