Sunday, December 8, 2013

American Girl Special Holiday Magazine!

Hey girls!  I recently picked up a copy of AG's Special Edition Holiday Magazine at a local craft store! :) I am loving it so far--and it came up a bunch of goodies!

Here is everything it came with--the magazine (of course), a letter from AG, a Designs By Me color-in book, some holiday stickers and a little 2014 AG animal calendar.

Here's the little letter, I like how the evenlope is pink ;)

If you open it up it just has a little letter of how you can order the AG magazine for you/a friend and the Special Issue ;)

Here's the Design By Me book, it's really cute! :)

Here's a peak inside--I can wait to start coloring!

Here's the holiday stickers, I like the Christmas tree, and the little cat and dog with the earmuffs on.

Here's the 2014 calendar, so cute!

Here's a look inside--aren't the puppies so cute?

And the magazine, of course!  On the cover are AG's cover contest friendship winners! :D

Here's everything included inside, so many things!

Here's a little page on how to organize your room.  I think their ideas were really creative

And some little bookmarks it came with--it had 4 but I am currently using one of them ;) (I like the strawberry one the best!)

And of course a color-in poster, this looks like so much fun!

A doorhanger ;)

And some super cute hairstyles!
It also had some quizzes at the book--and I really enjoyed the magazine!  It was a great deal and I love the animal calendar!
Are you and your dolls planning on getting the special holiday magazine?

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