Friday, December 20, 2013

Dolly Sisters Weekly-12/20/13

Hey Dolly Sisters viewers!
It's Kit, and I'm happy to be (finally) writing a weekly AG Dolly Sisters, news report!  Anyways, here we go!
AG Dolly Sister Birthdays this Month:
December 1st-Kit's Birthday
December 25-Jesus's Birthday
Christmas is Almost Here!
I'm so excited, because CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!  Mal has been super crazy about decorating, and she's been ordering us around like crazy!  Put up the Christmas tree, hang the red and green ornaments, make sure the pattern is popcorn, cranberry, cranberry, popcorn, don't eat the candy canes....ugh!  She's also been picking out the perfect Christmas Eve outfit for the party for DAYS.  I don't see why people pick their outfits out early, I just pick something right before it?!?  Anyways, we've had a lot going on.  Sydney Lee has been practicing for her Christmas recital, and Mal has been singing Last Christmas OVER AND OVER AND OVER for the Christmas concert.  That girl drives me crazy sometimes ^_^

Ruthie and I have been in charge with the food for our Christmas party, and Ruthie (she's good at baking!) made a great batch of cookies, but I ate them all, and Mal and Ruthie got super mad at me. -_- Saige is also super hyped up about the holidays, and she's been singing Christmas carols all over the house (but believe me, does that girl ever need singing lessons!) and she's been working on her latest painting (holiday-themed). I can't give anyway, but it's really good!

Well that's all for this week!
Your reporter and writer,

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