Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 8: Braid Bun Hairstyle

Hey girls!  Sorry this is a day late, yesterday was busy with a Christmas concert, so I wasn't able to post.  But I'll be posting yesterday's hairstyle with a new Christmas post today! :)
For this hairstyle you will need:
A Doll Hairbrush or pick
2 Doll Ponytails (mainly only 1, but another in case you need to help secure the bun)
And a few bobby pins to help secure the bun

Step 1: Brush your doll's hair through with a hairbrush

Step 2: Braid your doll's hair into one, normal braid behind her back.

A bit like this ;) 

Step 3: Above your doll's braid, take your finger through it and make a hole, like that ^^

Step 5: Take the end of your doll's braid and pull it through the hole!

Keep pulling ;)

Step 6: It should look a bit like that.  Take some of the bobby pins and secure it with bobby pins and your extra hair band! :) 
What holiday hairstyles do you do for your doll's hair?
~Hope :) 


  1. Aw! So gorgeous and cute! I really like to do buns and pigtails and all decorated with ribbon on my dolls' hair. :D


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