Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday on American Girl

Hey everyone!
I'm excited to tell you there are a bunch of great Cyber Monday deals on American Girl, so you should go check it out!  There are great deals, and up to 50% is off on outfits, accessories, books and a lot more!
TODAY ONLY. Cyber Monday Specials. Enjoy up to 50% off outfits, accessories, and more! Save now
They have a list of all the items on sale, so check it out by going to  I have my eye on the Doll Parties craft book ;) It's now only $8!  Check it out! :)
Do you and your dolls shop online for Cyber Monday?

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  1. My parents asked me what I wanted off the Cyber mondays sale and they went Christmas shopping on Cyber Monday! And then I bought the Doll Parties books - but my dad paid for it! He's soooo sweet! I guess he wanted me to save my money..I guess. (don't tell my brother or he will get upset)


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