Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 2: Holiday Ribbon Twist Hairstyle

Hey girls!  Of course, I am always trying to look for cute doll holiday hairstyles, so I decided to share one with you! :)  This is called the Holiday Ribbon Twist Hairstyle.  Here's a list of the things you will need:
Doll Hairbrush (or Wire Hairbrush safe for doll hair use)
1 Hair Band
A Blue or Red (Holiday color) Ribbon (not always nescessary)
 Here we go! :) 
Step 1: Gently brush out your doll's hair with a hairbrush or pick.

Step 2: Seperate your doll's hair into 2 sections, making the right section a bit smaller than the left.

Step 3: Grab the right section and brush through it lightly.

Step 4: Begin to twist the right section of your doll's hair.  Not too hard or too softly, but right in between :)

Step 5:Take the twisted part of your doll's hair and attach it to the left side of your doll's hair

Step 6: Attach them together and put it into a side ponytail

Step 7: Next, take your hair ribbon and tie a bow around the hair band. 
And there you go! :) A simply, easy to do hair ribbon holiday style for YOU our your dolls! :D
What holiday hairstyles do you do for your doll's hair?


  1. Cute! :) At Christmas I love to pull back the sides of my dolls' hair, and sometimes I'll make up fancy things with braids that often end up looking really pretty, even though I'm just playing around. :)

  2. Wow that's gorgeous! I'll try that on Emilie, do you think it would look good on short hair?


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