Monday, December 30, 2013

Future Dolls-I need YOUR help!

Hey girls,
Well, I'm planning on getting one or two more dolls, then I'm done collecting dolls (I think I already have enough).  But I have a dilemma.  I can't decide between 3 dolls.  I will share the dolls, their names, personalities and my opinions on them.
First there is MAG 35, aka Cameron Smith.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MAG 35!  I also have no orange-haired dolls (Saige has auburn hair), so Cameron would be a good add to my collection.  Cameron is going to be a tomboy, a daredevil and confident.  I think she's simply adorable!

Secondly, there is Cécile Rey.  I think an African-American doll would complete my collection–since I do not have any AA (African-American) dolls.  I love her dress and curls, and her mold is sooo cute. She would be a drama queen and Mal's BFF, a bit snobby but a great singer.

And lastly, there is Ivy Ling.  I do not have any Asian dolls, so Ivy would also be an amazing add.  She would be sweet, a gymnast, down-to-earth, nature-lover and she loves trying new things.
Which dolls do YOU think I should get? Please leave a comment! :)


  1. In my opinion, no one could ever have too many dolls unless you stop loving each and every one and they don't seem special to you anymore. If you love a doll and you want it, you should GET IT! just make sure you're being fair to your dolls and not neglecting them. :D All of those dolls are adorable! And Cecile especially (I know because i have her ;D)

  2. I'd definately say you should get Cecile! She's going to be my next doll, because she's just so cute!:) I kinda prefer the personalities for the others, though. Also, I prefer Ivy in general to MAG #35, but if I lokve your personality for her, and if you like her a lot, than I think you should get her.:)

  3. BTW I also agree with Madison about having too many dolls.:) I have 12!

  4. I think you should get Cameron.
    I'm a tomboy, daredevil and confident, so I like her.
    I'm Chinese, so Ivy would be a good choice also.
    And for Cecile, I love her meet dress and her lovely curls!
    When picking dolls, make a list of pros and cons. Get whoever has the most pros!
    I have a blog called
    I hope this advice helps!

  5. I think Ivy Ling would be cool.

  6. Hi, I'm Anonymous A. :)
    I think Cameron.
    - Anonymous A.

  7. I think Ivy is sweet.:)

  8. Cameron!!!!!!!!!!!!


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