Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Evil Barbies Part 2

Sorry about that long wait, here is Part 2!! 
To refresh your minds from Part 1--The Barbies were caught near the American Girl room, where they aren't supposed to be.  Molly finds them and goes off to tell the other dolls, but Sharpay quickly hurries and sneaks into the room.  What's the dolls plan?  What are they up to!?
Sharpay looked around to make sure no one was nearby.  Then she climbed up Hope's dresser to give the signal everything was clear.

She waved her arms up in the air
Amber climbed up first, holding her hands out for Sharpay to pull
Sharpay kneeled down and reached for Amber.
After all the other Barbies were up, Amber and Carrisa climbed down to distract Caroline
While Sharpay, Danielle and Brittany hid and waited for the signal
The plan was simple:
Sharpay, Danielle and Brittany would wait behind the closet while Amber and Carrisa went to distract Caroine.  Then they would climb up on the closet, and throw clothes at the dolls below.  They needed Caroline distracted because her bed was up high so she couldn't jump down and grab the Barbies.
Meanwhile, Amber and Carrisa were on top of the closet, making their way toward Caroline's bed
First, Carrisa was jumping.  "Go!" yelled Amber, throwing her hand up in the air
Carrisa jumped across from the closet to the dresser for the dolls
Once she was safe, she hid against the side of a purple drawer
Then Amber dived to the drawer, doing a flip in the air. Show-off, thought Carrisa
Once they'd both made it to the purple drawer, it was time for action!
They crawled up the side to Caroline's bed
What were the Barbies going to do next?  Will their plan suceed?  Or will they be caught?
Be sure to tune in for Part 3 coming soon! :)
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