Thursday, May 23, 2013

Diaries, Journals & Updates, Oh my!

Hey girls, once again we have updates!  Sorry we didn't post very much this week, very busy with summer coming.
Well, it's officaly summer for me and the dolls.  Our school recently got out, and so did the doll's school!  They still will do work over the summer, though! :)
So, here are some updates......................xD:
Ok, now that I'm done with that, let's get started with the main part!  I updated my doll's diaries/journals, remember when I got Mal & Saige's diary and Caroline's journal?  Yup, well they just wrote in them!  Here are the entries!

First, we have Saige's diary entry, in the Rome diary:
Dear Diary,       5-22-13
Hey, it's Saige here!  Mom gave us these diaries to write in everyday (well, try to).

Let me introduce myself.  I'm Saige Melody Copeland, and I'm 12 years old, the 2nd oldest.  I LOVE painting, talking, horses, glitter & cell phones! 

My BFF's are Caroline & Mallory. Oh, also, my birthday is October 8th!  Today is our last day of homeschool, BTW.
Love Always,

Next, we have Mallory's diary entry in the Paris diary:
Dear Diary,         5-22-13 (This was yesterday, BTW)
Hey, I'm Mal the magnificent!  Well, Mallory but my besty's call me Mal for short.

I'm a fashion FREAK!  Aka, the fashion guru.  I like acting, singing, speaking French, talking, glittering up things, and texting.  Oh, my full name is Mallory Lily (INSERT HOPE'S LAST NAME).

I love Paree (Paris) BTW, cause I speak French, my name was generated from France, and I have French in my blood!
My bestys are Caroline, Saige and Cecile (my online besty)
Love <3, 
P.S. I'm 10 and my birthday is April 2nd!
Next we have Caroline's journal entry in the New York journal: 
Dear Journal,                          5-22-13
Hey, I'm your new writer, Caroline Abbot!  Some people call me C or Car for short!

Soooo I love clothes, dressing up, makeup, and being outdoors.  I'm 9 and my birthday is October 22nd.
My best friends are Mallory and Saige.  More later!
Your writer,
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P.S. A new "Meet That Doll" post coming tomorrow! :)

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