Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shout-Out Your Doll Site.....with Cute PJ's! :)

Hey, girls!  Instead of doing that thing on Friday's where I post blogs, I decided to do a Shout-Out Your Doll Site thing!  Each week I post it we will have a different theme.  Also, very sorry I didn't post all this past week, I was busy with school and all :)  Well, here we go!
Saige in her "PJ's," acutally her Meet Outfit ;)

Mal in her PJ's, the Sweetheart PJ's for MAG's!  Oh, the little dog she's holding is her stuffed animal.

C in her PJ's, Caroline's Nightgown :)  The ostrich she's holding is Strechy, one of her favorite stuffed animals :)

Kit in her nightie, with her blue bunny :)

And Ruthie in her PJ's with Meatloaf's head on the side xD
Ok, here's the part where you come in!  You can leave a comment of your dolly blog or message-board, or someone else's, and it will be featured up here!
The FIRST dolly blog commented gets a special mention!  Ok, get commenting!  If you don't feel safe commenting, you can also email it to me at :)
Look for 2 more posts coming today!
SPECIAL BLOG! :) Check out the special blog!
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We need more!


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