Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day!

Hey everyone, happy May Day!  SPRING IS HERE!  Well, it already was way back when in March, but where I live, it just started getting hot in late April.... But, anyways, today is May 1st!  Here are some ways you can celebrate spring!
1. Plant a garden! -Planting a garden can occupied all spring/summer, and it's also really fun, and a great way to help the enviorment!
2. Join a recycling group, or just recycle! Remember, even though Earth Day passed, you can still recycle! 
3. Take a spring photoshoot! Take your doll outside for a spring photoshoot, like I did with Ruthie!
4. Relax! Relaxing is always necesscary :)
5. Donate! You can help someone in need this spring/summer!
6. Just enjoy yourself!
Those are all my ideas!  If you have more, you can email them to me ( and tell me YOUR idea!


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