Sunday, May 19, 2013

Caption That Doll Picture #8

Hey girls, it's time to announce the winner of Caption That Doll #7, and the Caption That Doll #8 picture! :)  So, EVERYONE's captions were great, but we had to chose a winner!  So, DRUMROLL.....
Congrats Madison!
Her caption:
Mallory - *to herself* heh heh.
Kit - hmm?
Mallory - umm, nothing. *whispers to Ruthie,* hey Ruthie, this is perfect revenge for what she put in my breakfast!
Kit  HEY....*takes off blindfold* MALLOOORRRRYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
Mallory - *squeaks* RUN!
Now, for Caption That Doll Picture #8........
Makeup troubles!  What do you think Saige and Mallory are thinking/saying?  It can be as funny or crazy as you want!  You can enter by leaving a comment below or emailing me your caption at ! :)  There will be a poll on Wednesday so YOU can pick! :)  Check back this Saturday for the winner, I normally post around 11:00 AM Central!
Good luck! :)


  1. Hope: Ok girls, I'm going shopping! Have fun! Be good!
    Mallory and Saige: We will!
    Mallory: MUHAHAHAHA!
    Saige: MULAHUHAHO!
    Mallory: What was that?
    Saige: Ok, ok. I guess my evil laugh needs a little work.
    Mallory: I'll say! Now come on, lets raid Hope's makeup!
    Saige: What if Hope catches us?
    Mallory: Don't worry, we'll have it off before she comes back!
    *Mallory and Saige put on TONS of makeup until they're almost completely covered*
    Hope: Hi girls! Sorry, I just forgot my purse-
    *she sees them*
    Hope: GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Saige: RUN!
    Mallory: HIDE!
    *they look at each other*
    Both: RUN AND HIDE!

  2. Saige- Let's paint our nails!
    Mallory- And do our lipstick!
    Saige- And eyeshadow!
    (Both girls scream)
    Three hours later:
    Saige- We look FABULOUS!
    Mallory- Let's go show everyone!


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