Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day 2013!

Hello everyone!  My dolls and I wish you a Happy Memorial Day 2013 and hope you are enjoying your days!  Let's all give a shout-out (this is for those who live in the United States) to the soilders fighting overseas! They work hard to protect our country and we should be grateful!  While I was shopping for pool things at Walmart today, I found they were giving out cute little flags and a little slip (to remember men fighting overseas) for Memorial Day!  :) Here are some picures!  Oh, the flags were doll-sized!
Saige wishes everyone Happy Memorial Day!

The U.S. flag!

50 white stars for 50 states!

I'm putting it in the middle of my doll room to remind me of the soliders!

Happy Memorial Day 2013!


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