Saturday, May 4, 2013

Caption That Doll Picture #6-YOU Pick!

It's time for this week's Caption That Doll #6-You Pick!  I'm so sorry this is late, this is the day I should be announcing a winner!  But here are the 3 captions I we go!
Wait, the picture:
Ok, the first caption is.....MACY's!
Macy's caption:
Mallory, Caroline, Saige- LET'S GO CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY 'TILL WE SEE THE SUN! (One Direction song)
Sydney- Look out the window.....
Haha, I burst out laughing when I read this caption!

The second caption is......HEATHER's!
Heather's caption:
Saige: Your dress is ugly.
Mallory: But your headband is sooo cute.
Caroline: Your dress is actually really pretty. That will be three dollars please.
Sydney: What?
Caroline: We have an unsolicited opinion booth-they're a dollar each. You need to wash your hair, don't you, silly goose?
Mallory: Oooh, a double! Five dollars, please.

And the third and final caption is........DOLLYGIRL's!
Dollygirl's caption:
Sydney: Anddddddddd nowwwwwwwww, introducinggggg, ONE DOLLRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!
Caroline: Mallory, you were SUPPOSED to get guitars!
Mallory: Saige was going to get them!
Saige: What song are we doing?
Caroline: So, Sydney? I was thinking, for part of our act, I should sing a song from my time!
Saige: OOH! I see a horse!
Mallory: Wait, is that camera on?
Caroline: Sydney? Are you listening?
Saige: Sydney, I want a break!
Mallory: Hey Sydney, what do you think of my outfit?
Caroline: SYDNEY!
Mallory: SYDNEY!
Saige: SYDNEY!
Sydney: *sighs* Ok girls, enough chit-chat. Take 106!

Now, it's your time to chose which caption you like the best!  \Click here to vote your favorite caption!  The winner will be announced this Wednesday, and a new picture will appear next Saturday!  I normally post on Wednesday's around 4:30 PM Central time, and on Saturday's around 11:00 AM Central, so check then!


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