Wednesday, May 1, 2013

March Memories 2013

Hey, girls!  I forgot to do March memories awhile back, so let's do those real quick!  And since April ended, I'll do April, tomorrow!  Okay, here we go:
March Memories:
1. Remember my Order from American GirlI was so excited!  If you don't remember what I got, it was Meatloaf, the Raspberry Glasses and the sparkly hair back.
2. My post and review about The Things I Ordered from American Girl and Trendy Dolls-Woah, long link!  I was so excited when I got my order! :)

Mal with the Raspberry Glasses

3. Remember my post series?  The Adventure to Texas!  My post series from going to Texas, go to Part 1 , Part 2 , and Part 3 (P.S. Mallory was the doll I brought with me)

Mal as featured in "Adventure to Texas Part 2"
4. And, another, post series!  My trip to American Girl Place Dallas! Remember my trip to American Girl Place Dallas?  Where I ate in the bistro and bought things for my dolls?  Go to: Part 1 Photo Requests ,  Part 2 The Bistro , Part 3 Shopping , and Part 4 What I Got .
5. And, Easter 2013, my first Easter on AG Dolly Sisters!

Thanks, and be on the lookout for a May Day post and the April Memories 2013 tomorrow!

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