Saturday, May 11, 2013

Caption That Doll Picture #7!

It's time to announce the winnner of Caption That Doll Picture #6 and present the next picture!  I picked, you voted!  DRUMROLL........
Congrats Macy!Her caption:
Mallory, Caroline, Saige- LET'S GO CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY 'TILL WE SEE THE SUN! (One Direction song)
Sydney- Look out the window.....
:) Congrats again, Macy!  Now, to announce Caption That Doll Picture #7.....
What do you think Kit, Mallory and Ruthie are thinking/saying? You can leave it in a comment or email me at


  1. Mallory: Ruthie! Look at what u r doing!

    Ruthie whispers: Shhh! Ur gonna blog ur cover!

    Mallory whispers: Fine! Ur brushing a tangle!She's gonna wake up!

    Ruthie: Whoops!

    Kit slowly wakes up, and says: Um...uh...where am I ?

    Mallory: Its a dream....go back 2 bed...

  2. Kit: Are you guys finished with my hairdo for the Talent Show?
    Mallory: Almost! It's a surprise!
    Ruthie whispers:What are we gonna do? The hairbrush is stuck on her!
    Mallory whispers:Just pull!
    Ruthie whispers: Can't! Too hard!

    1 day later...

    Kit: I missed the Talent show!

    Mallory and Ruthie are still thinking about what to do

  3. Kit: Are you guys almost finished with my hairdo for the Talent Show?
    Mallory whispers: Oh no! I got the hairbrush stuck in her hair!
    Ruthie whsipers: Just pull!
    Mallory whispers: Then, she'll think that something's wrong!
    Ruthie whispers:Any other idea?
    Mallory whispers: No
    Ruthie whispers: Then pull!
    1 DAY LATER..
    Kit: *Takes blindfold off , Looks at calendar* Oh my gosh! I just missed the Talent show! Ruthie... Mallory...

    Ruthie and Mallory hide.

    Kit: I'll find you guys if it's the last thing I do!

  4. Mallory: Muhahahaha, just sit nice and still Kit, we'll be done in a moment!
    Ruthie: Ha, yeah you won't know yourself.
    Kit: Ok guys, just remember, no drastic changes! My mom has been begging me to do something nice with my hair, so this will be my Mother's Day present for her!
    Mallory: *whispering to Ruthie* RUTHIE! You told me she wanted a big change!
    Ruthie: Well...maybe she didn't EXACTLY say that...I just think she'd like it...
    Mallory: ARGH! She's gonna kill us! We have to take the pink streaks out, and the blue streaks, and the orange streaks, and the purple streaks-
    Ruthie: Ok, let's face it. We accidently gave Kit rainbow hair.
    Mallory: At least we didn't start cutting it yet!
    Kit: Um guys, what are you whispering about? You're making me nervous.
    Mallory and Ruthie: NOTHING!!!!!!!
    Mallory: *whispering to Ruthie* Go and get the blond hair dye! *talking to Kit* Now, we're just going to wash it one more time-
    Kit: What, why?
    *Kit sits up and the blindfold falls off*
    Ruthie: Sorry...

  5. Kit: I can't wait to see what I look like!
    Mallory: You look a little pla-
    *Covers up Mallory's mouth* Fabulous!
    Kit: Can I take the blindfold off now?!
    Mallory: Okay...
    Kit: *Takes off the blind fold* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I don't look like anything! All I asked for was a simple ponytail!! *Storms out of the room*
    Ruthie: At least we didn't add the rainbow hair dye! That was next!!


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