Friday, May 17, 2013

Hey Kit Here....

Hey guys. Mom wanted us dolls to do something where I post about myself. So, my name is Kit Luna Kittredge as you know. I'm 9 years old, and my birthday is December 1st. I have a dog named Meatloaf I share with my sister, Ruthie, who's 11. I also have 5 other sisters—Mallory, age 10, Saige, age 12, Sydney Lee, age 9, Molly, age 12, and Caroline, age 9.
So......more about me. I LUV SPORTS! I'm a total tomboy and I'm proud of it. XD I also enjoy reading, writing, and mysteries. I also LUV FOOD! XD. I sleep on a trundle bed.
My sisters are really nice, though Mal )(Mallory) and Saige can be snobby. Mal is really bossy and a fashionista, and she has Saige and Caroline as her followers.

Hope got me at Christmas 2011! :)


  1. TOMBOY'S IN THE HOOOUUUUSSSEEE!! *high five* you go, gurl XD

  2. You sound JUST like me! I'm sporty, I love reading, I ADORE food, and I have a dog named Meatloaf! And my middle name's Luna too!
    -Caroline (not your sister)


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