Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Evil Barbies Part 1

Hey girls, I thought of doing a different type of blog posts, with different types of dolls-Barbies.  Haha, just sit back and enjoy this funny, crazy, somewhat random blog post.
Molly was starting to get up on the bunk-bed when she heard whispering behind her. 

She turned around and saw.....ugh. 
The Barbies leaning again the wall nearby, talking about glitter, cell-phones, Justin Bieber, One Direction and someone Molly had never heard of--Harry Styles.  She'd heard Mal mention him, that was in the One Direction band....or something?  There was (from left to right) Sharpay, the Barbie with the long blond hair, Amber, the Barbie with the long brown hair, Carrisa, the Barbie in the middle, and their leaders, Brittany and Danielle.
Personally, Molly thought Brittany and Danielle were the most evil.  They always came up with evil plans to get rid of the American Girl dolls.  Then Hope had banned the Barbies from coming into or near the doll room, and there they were, right there!

"What are you doing here?" Molly exclamied, "you know you were banned from the doll room!" 

"Pfft," laughed Sharpay, "like we care?  We aren't gonna let a bunch of boring old American Girl dolls scare us away!"
"For your information," snapped Molly, "I can step on you and crush you, but I won't."  "Just do it," demmaned Amber, "who cares?"  "But I'll never get to meet Justin Bieber!" Carissa sobbed.  "Is that all you care about?  Justin Bieber!"

"Why, of course not!" said Amber, giving a little hair flip.  "Yeah," agreed Carrisa, "we care about One Direction, too!  And clothes!"
"Whatever," said Molly walking away.  She was going to warn the other dolls about the Barbies.
"Hey!" Danielle said, "everyone!"  "What?" all the Barbies said.  "I have a plan how to get rid of the American Girl dolls, listen closely!" 
After hearing Danielle's plan, Sharpay was getting ready to do her part.
She jumped into Sydney Lee's bed and quietly went through, trying not to be seen.
Then she hid behind the closet!  Time for action!
What are the Barbie's going to do?  Stick around for Part 2 coming tomorrow!
P.S. Caption That Doll Picture #8 is coming tomorrow, too! :)


  1. Cool! Can't wait until the next part!



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