Monday, April 29, 2013

The 2 Diaries (and a Journal!)

Hey girls!  For my birthday, my friend got me a planner, a notebook, a purse and 3 doll-sized (kind of) notebooks.  I decided to make the doll-sized notebooks diaries for my dolls, and each of them would write in one (well 3 I picked since I got 3). Pictures:
The books each have a different color and place.  The one on the left is Rome, the middle is New York and the right one is Paris.


New York


Mal will write in the Paris diary.

Saige will write in the Rome diary

and Caroline will write in the New York diary (well, Caroline calls her's "journal")

Putting them in my pink bin :)

Check back soon for a diary entry!  (For each of them)


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