Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mallory!

As you can probably tell, today, April 2nd, was Mallory's BIRHDAY!!!  She is so awesome!  When I have doll birthdays, I really don't make them turn any older, just keep them the same age, so Mal's 10, but we still had to celebrate!
Mallory was asleep in bed, cuddled with her stuffed animals, when a bright light shone in on her!
Suddenly, Mallory woke up to see Meatloaf on top of her, licking her! 

"SURPRISE!"  Mallory looked up.  Sydney Lee, Kit, Caroline & Ruthie were all standing around her bed!

"Happy birthday!" They yelled, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday dear Mallory, happy birthday to you!"  Mallory gasped!

Even a pretty birthday girl tiara was lying on Mal's bed!

Birthday girl!

"Caroline did all the planning!" Kit said, "she thought it would be nice!"

Caroline giggled.  "Like it, Mal?" she asked.  "Like it?" Mal replied, "I LOVE IT!"  Caroline giggled again.
Total randomness!  I just had to get a picture of those awesome curls (AGH!  Her pants are falling down!)
Mal's birthday party is this weekend, and she'll get all her presents, then.  She was planning on inviting her 2 BFF's, Kassy (Kassandra, owner is Meg) and Cece (Cecile is Madison), except they live too far!  Lol ;)

P.S. Sorry this post took so long!  We went to dinner, and I didn't get much sleep last night!  Feeling tired!  Think I'll go to bed around 9 tonight, gotta get a good nights rest!


  1. From Me: Happy birthday! Yeah, I don't make them any older either, or else Felicity would be like twelve! :P Today was my little brothers birthday to, so that's kind of cool.
    From Kassy: Happy birthday Mal! I hope you had a great day <3
    Meg and the dolls of innerstar central

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! from me and Mckenna :D :D Hope all your wishes get true Mallory.



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