Sunday, April 7, 2013

February Memories

Hey girlies!
I've decided to start this thing called "(Month) Memories," where at the end of each month I look back on 5 awesome posts, videos, etc. that have happened during the month!  Since I just began, I'll have to do February & March today and tomorrow, so today I'll do Feb!

1. My First Show Us! Sunday-On my first Show us! Sunday, when I got 8 pictures, I haven't done it in awhile, so if you would send in pictures for next weeks Show Us! Sunday, that would be great, you can click the link to learn more :)
2. My first American Girl Book Count- In which I ended up with 25 AG/OG Books!  Now I have 32 :)

3. Kit's Interview with Caroline-Kit's 1st interview in her corner! :D One of my most favorite posts!
4. My friend, Cindy's Birthday-My amazing friend Cindy had her birthday in February! :)
5. And last, our first, Dolly Sites!-Our first Dolly Sites with Kit's "awesome" splits! :D

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  1. Love your blog too! The design is too cutr!
    Love, Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


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