Monday, April 15, 2013

American Girl Photography Tips!

Hey girls, here's my next post of the day!  American Girl photography tips, by ME!  MWA!  Ok, so let's get started :D These pictures are with my iPod Touch BTW, so they might not be the best (even though I'm doing a photography tips post!  Har har har de har!  xD)
So first, I recommend using a lamp when taking pictures. 

I also recommend using a Tripod by the lamp.  See, right here I'm taking a picture of Mallory and Caroline, with my lamp and my tripod by it.

My digital camera :)  I also recommend turning flash off because it reflects horribly on dolls

Another suggestion: Learn how to work your tripod!  If you want to get good angles, knowing how to work your tripod will always come in handy ;)


So, mine is able to adjust to different sizes, like go really small so we can see my dolls face-to-face!


Ok, now here's another tip: Get up close!  People love cute up-close pics!

Once you've gotten the perfect pics, upload them to a computer with your camera cord or....

with your memory card!  Here's how:
Camera Cord Method-Take your camera cord and plug the small end into the camera, and the larger end into the computer.  Once you have plugged the large end into the computer, turn your camera on.  ALL cords MUST be connected.  Then something will pop up saying, "Import Pictures from (Whatever your Camera type is) to computer".  Click it and it will let you chose a file name and import!
Memory Card Method-Take the blue memory card out of your camera.  Ask for a parent's help if you need any.  Then, put it in a small memory card slot in the computer.  The same thing will appear as in the Camera Cord Method :D
Hope that helped!  If you have any questions, just email me at Also, if you need help finding things ask for a parent.


  1. Great Tips!!
    You have been awarded!! Check out my blog for more details!!!!

  2. Awesome tips Hope :) I agree for extra and enough light we should mostly use lamps :)


  3. I nominated you at my blog, here:
    If you don't want to do it, that's ok. It's just for fun!
    Meg and Kassy


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