Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Evil Barbies Part 3

Hey girls!  It's time for the last part of the Evil Barbies-Part 3! 
{Flash-back: The Barbie's have just started to put their plan into action to get rid of the American Girl dolls once in for all. Will they win?}
"Yes!" Amber and Carrisa cried, they'd made it to Caroline's bed.  Amber winked at Carrisa, and they started doing a crazy dance to distract Caroline from looking below to them.

"What are you doing?" asked Caroline looking disgusted, "you know you aren't supposed to be here."
"Blablablabla!" cried Amber and Carrisa, doing a crazy dance while Caroline stared dumb-founded.  No Barbie doll she knew would ever do this unless--they were up to something.
Meanwhile, Sharpay grabbed a dress from the closet and was about to launch the plan!

She threw it on Ruthie, and she fell over to the side, her legs sticking out (XD see her on the left)
"Where did this come from?" Ruthie asked, obviously annoyed.
She turned around to the closet when she saw Danielle and Brittany hiding behind it when suddenly---
Hope walked in and grabbed Danielle and Brittany from the closet
Amber and Carrisa from the top bed, and Sharpay, still struggling to get out.
And she took them back to where THEY belonged! XD
Well, that's the end.  Let me know how you liked it!  Thanks :)


  1. I loved it! You should do a "Revenge Of The Evil Barbies"! xD

  2. AWESOME!!! XD

    Aww man, you shoulda locked them up in a dungeon for 1,00000,0000000000000 years! JUST KIDDING! XD

    1. Thx! XD
      Kit: I agree, but Mom says the Barbie's are like that for a reason! I think they are just plain evil =/


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