Monday, June 3, 2013

Shout-Out Your Doll Site #2 with Cute Doll Styles!

Hey girls!  It's time for another Shout Out Your Doll Site #2!  Here's how it goes--every once in awhile I will post a Shout-Our Your Doll Site post where you can comment YOUR dolly blog, and it will appear below!!  The FIRST commenter gets a special blog shoutout! :) So the theme of this shout-out is Cute Doll Styles!  Mal made some cute fashion combinations and wanted to show you--and YOU can vote which one you like the best! 
So here are the 3 fashion combinations:
The first combination by Mal--Ruthie's Play Outfit Hat, the Sweetheart PJ's shirt, Sydney Lee's ballet tutu, the Snow Flurry Outfit leggings and Saige's boots (not pictured).  Modeled by Saige!  If you think this is the best, vote on this!
And the 2nd combination by Mal--Saige's Sparkle Dress & a cute Peace/Heart colorful scarf.  Modeled by Sydney Lee!
And the last one--the Weekend Fun Outfit modeled by Mal! 
Sooooo click here to vote, or copy & paste this link into your browser:  Vote now! :)
And leave your site in a comment down below or email me it at !  I might add some I enjoy!   Thanks!
*SPECIAL BLOG--Nina's blogs: and
Hannah's blog-Dynamite Dolls:
Madison's blog-Delightful World of Dolls:
Cindy's blog-AG Photostory Central-
Jan's blog-Fun with the
Liz's site-American Girl Fan:
Yours could be up here, too!


  1. Cool! My blogs are and Thanks!


    My blog is called Dynamite Dolls.

  3. Thanks for putting my blog up there!

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