Monday, June 24, 2013

My Calico Critters Collection

Hey girls, like Jan from Fun with the Dolls , I'm doing a post about my Calico Critter Collection! :)  First of all, I don't want to brag, but I just felt like showing you my collection!
This is my first house, the Town-Home It can open and close but I have to remove the part where the stairs are on.

A closer look at the stairs

This is the telephone with a noteapad, an address book and a phone book, and a coat closet.  The phone, accessories & stand is from the Living Room Set in the living room, and the coat closet is from the bedroom set.

This is the room I'm going to put the kitchen in once I buy it, for now it's empty.

This is the living room.  As you can see I decorated it with pictures on the walls.  There are 2 chairs, a coffee table, a grandfather clock, a fireplace, some decorations and a stand.  This set was ordered from Europe in the Sylvanian Families brand.

Here is the parent's bedroom--small but they can both fit in the bed.  I ordered this set from Europe, as well, and it came with a nightstand, chest, the coat closet, the bed with sheets & a pillow.

It also came with a small lamp.

This is the kids' room, as you can see the beds are made out of tissues because I don't have any beds for them as of now.

This is the baby's bedroom--it comes with a closet, bed, toys, toy mat, food & a car-seat.

A closer look from above.

A look outside where the rocking chair from the parent's room sits.  The Furbank's Squirrel Family lives in this house.

This is my 2nd house, the Cloverleaf Manor.

This is the living room where the big door comes in.  This side includes a TV, Coffee table, 2 chairs, a couch, a magazine holder, and some decorations.

The other side includes a piano and fireplace.

This is the kitchen. 

The drawing room with phone, fireplace, book-case & table.

A bedroom.

Another bedroom with a balcony.

The other side.

The doors to the balcony.

Another bedroom.

A bathroom.

The baby's nursery.

And the parent's room.

Other side.

A closer-look.  In this house lives the Fisher cat family, the Hopscotch rabbit family, the Margaret & Halley figures, and the Mikaela & Renee cheerleading figures.

This is Margaret & Halley's Dress Shop which i created out of a box.

A side-look at the door with the Open! sign.


  1. Lucky!! :). I really like the townhouse!

  2. Cool! I love Calico Critters! I got all of mine from a garage sale, so I don't have any complete families. I have the Starter Cadbin and two other building which they said are from Japan!

    1. Cool. Yeah you can always find neat things at garage sales! :)

  3. Awesome! I have the Furbanks Squirrel family, and the tent set (which comes with a white cat named Susie)! I'm really hoping to get a house soon, but for now they live in a box! :)

    1. Cool! Yeah, prices for the houses have gone down from the last years! Creative! ;)

  4. Oh my! This is really cool. And I am in love with your 2nd house, the Cloverleaf Manor. It is really gorgeous and spacious.

  5. Oh my goodness! THIS IS ADORABLE! Just one question..what are calico critters? XD


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