Monday, June 17, 2013

Caption That Doll Picture #10

Hey girls!  It's time for Caption That Doll Picture #10 and the winner of #9 I guess.  SOoooooo to announce the winner......DRUMROLL please....
Congrats Sparkie!
Her caption:
Sydney Lee and Caroline rush into the room*
Sydney Lee: Can you believe that awesome sale AG had? *Puts bonnet on Mallory*
Caroline: I know, right? So many good deals! *Hangs shirt and pants on Mallory*
Sydney Lee: They need to do that more often! They probably pulled in, like, a billion dollars! *Puts dress on Mallory's head*
*Sydney Lee and Caroline continue talking and putting things on Mallory*
Mallory: Um, guys? I'm not a coat hanger!
Yay!  *Claps* :) Ok, to announce Caption That Doll Picture #10........
What do you think Molly and Kit are thinking/saying?  You can let me know by leaving a comment or emailing it to me at The results will be in NEXT Monday, and look for a poll sometime this week!
Thanks! :)


  1. Molly- Hey Kit, whatcha doing?
    Kit- Playing Angry Birds. It's really fun!
    Molly- Mal took me shopping and got me this! *flips her scarf*
    Kit- Cool! I just got this awesome iPad!
    Molly- Wow, the times are really getting to us.

  2. Molly: Hey Kit!
    Kit *jumps* Aahh! Don't scare me like that!
    Molly: Do you like my new scarf?
    Kit: *jumps again* Aaaah! Don't scare me with that incredibly un-fashionable scarf!
    Molly: Do you like my glasses/sunglasses invention?
    Kit: *jumps again* Aaah! Also Incredibly un-fashionable!
    Molly *walks away* Since when did she care so much about fashion?

    - Hannah Chu

  3. Molly- Kit, is that Mom's iPod?
    Kit: Uh, why would you think that?
    Molly- Well, um, because in this house, we aren't allowed to have iPods till we're 14. And you and I are 11. And mom has a pink case. It's kind of obvious.
    Kit: No this is NOT mom's iPod!
    Molly: Promise?
    Kit: Yes, cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.
    Molly: Well, then who's is it?
    Kit: Aunt Sarah's!
    Molly: UG!

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