Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Camp Doll Diaries: Day 1!

Hey everyone, I know Camp Doll Diaries started on June 3rd but my dolls started late, so here's what their first day was like! :)
When all the dolls first walked in, Sydney Lee was there are the front desk to greet them.  She smiled broadly and said, "Welcome to Camp Doll Diaries 2013!  Camper or staff?"

"Hi!" Kit said, greeting Sydney Lee, "my name is Kit Kittredge, I'm a camper. I should be on the list!"
Kit looked behind at the long line, there were so many girls and not even everyone was there!

Sydney Lee looked down at her little iPad, and scrolled down it.  "Aha!  I see you right there!" Sydney Lee exclamied.
She handed Kit a little sheet.  "Here's the sign-up sheet you sent in to us.  Attached is a little not from your camp consuler, me!  Your going to be in the Blue Butterflys cabin!" 

Kit recognized the dark blue ink and reached to take the sheet Sydney Lee was holding out.  "You can look down below to see who else is in your group!"
Kit looked down and saw a piece of paper that said "Blue Butterflys."

Looking closer, Kit saw that her group included Caroline, Amber and Angie.  She knew who Caroline and Angie was, but who was Amber?  Wait......AMBER THE BARBIE DOLL?  Amber had attacked the American Girl dolls a few weeks ago, but the Barbie's were discovered by Hope and got into trouble. "You can go wait in the auditorim now." Sydney Lee said.

After Kit left, Molly walked up.  "Camper, Molly McIntire," Molly said clearly.  Sydney Lee scanned the iPad.  "There you are!  Welcome Molly, I'm Sydney Lee, and you'll be in the Pink Pandas cabin, you can look to see who else will be in your cabin below!"

Molly especially loved the banner that was up on the wall that said--Welcome Campers!

"Time for your camper picture," said Sydney Lee, "just smile, it will be on your name tag!"  Sydney Lee snapped the picture.

After everyone had checked in, they went to the auditorim!

"Welcome to Camp Doll Diaries!" said a big yellow and pink Build-A-Bear, "my name is Miss Strawberry, and I'll be the head leader here at camp.  There are going to be 3 groups called the Pink Pandas, the Pink Panda's camp leader is Hope, the Blue Butterflys, the Blue Butterfly leader is Sydney Lee, and the Teal Tigers, the Teal Tiger's leader is Candi.  Just in case you didn't read which group you'd be in--here are the groups: In The Pink Panda's group is Mallory, Molly McIntire, Carrisa and Natasha.  In the Blue Butterfly's group is Caroline Abbot, Kit Kittredge, Amber and Angie.  In the Teal Tiger's group is Saige Copeland, Ruthie Smithens, Sharpay and Sarah.  There will be a game called the Camp Wars--each cabin will be against all the other cabins.  The games depend on teamwork, friendship and trust.   We will begin the games next week!  Each week there's going to be an ultimate winner depending on how many wins they get!"

"Now for the rules!" said Miss Strawberry, "1. Always be encouraging to other campers.  2. Be in bed before or at curfew, which is at 9:45 PM.  3. Have fun!  4. Always stay with the group!"

"If you get lost from the group, always report back to the auditorim, that way we'll know where to find you!"

"Now for the Camper's Code," said Mrs. Strawberry, indicating to a little poster on the wall.  "C is for Camp!  Which we are here to do!  A is for acknowledge.  Acknowledge your cabin leader's advice.  M is make friends!  Remember to be friendly!  P is for people.  Remember that other people are around you and you need to respect their space.  E is for encouraging.  Encourage others!  And R is for respect.  Respect others, respect the space and especially your cabin leaders!"

"Now that's all for now!  You can go to your cabins!"
~The End~
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Are you doing Camp Doll Diaries
Dolls Featured: Ruthie Smithens *American Girl*, Mallory *American Girl* JLY #42, Kit *American Girl*, Sydney Lee *Our Generation*, Caroline *American Girl*, Saige *American Girl*, Molly *American Girl*
Bears: Miss Strawberry *Build-a-bear*
Front desk and stage created by Hope!


  1. Luv it! :). My dolls are packing for Camp Doll Diaries right now.

    1. Thx, Jan! Cool, can't wait to see the blog post! :D

  2. I loved it! Can't wait for the next day!


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