Saturday, January 11, 2014

Goodbye Saige!

Like I did a week ago, I'm doing a Goodbye Post for Saige because she is now retired, gone into the GOTY Archives :( 
Saige is a beautiful doll.  She was my fifth doll and I got her for my birthday back in April. I was very pleased with my purchase and I loved Saige ever since then.

From Saige's Collection, I have her Meet Outfit, Sparkle Dress and Sweater Outfit.  Her collection was very stunning--but her Sweater Outfit had to be my favorite!

At first when I purchased Saige, I was scared to do anything or even brush her beautiful curls.  But after awhile, I messed around with them and I discovered how beautiful and easy to manage, and I began to love Saige even more.

Saige is so beautiful, and she turns out right in every picture.
Good-bye, Saige!
Do you have Saige or any of her items?


  1. I'm going to miss Saige.
    I have her and some of her outfits


    oh wait, I'm wayyy overdue on saying that. haha! Jazzy was mad she's not GOTY anymore, but she's gotten over it. :)


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