Thursday, January 2, 2014

Good-bye Molly and Emily!

It's always sad when a doll retires, especially a Historical (because you know the Girl of the Year is going to retire).  I thought it would be nice to give a Good-bye post to Molly and Emily (Saige's is coming next week).

Molly was one of the first dolls to come out, along with Kirsten and Samantha.  Molly looks simply adorable in anything, and she has beautiful, long hair.  Emily has beautiful bright red hair, a super cute meet dress, and her eyes are a brilliant blue.
I was lucky to be able to purchase Molly at the American Girl Place in May.  I have never, ever regretted my purchase because she is a beautiful doll and is probably the most photogenic of my dolls.  I love how Molly looks in this picture, and the grass in the background.
Along with purchasing Molly, I also purchased her Polka-Dot Dress which she looks beautiful in (Molly's polka-dot dress is probably my favorite of her collection).  
Later that summer, I ordered from American Girl, and when it came I received Molly's Birthday Dress and Molly's (NEW) Spring Pajamas.  Once again, I was very delighted with my purchase from American Girl because both of the outfits looked adorable on Molls!
Lastly, in December, I got Molly's Christmas Dress for Christmas.  I was planning on getting her Tap Outfit, as well, but it was sold out ;(
So far, I have been pleased with all of my purchases from the Molly Collection.  If I could have any outfit of hers I didn't have, it would be her Tap Outfit.
I hope you all had the chance to get Molly before she retires (if you wanted her).  But if you didn't, keep checking Amazon and eBay for some good deals ;)
We love you Molly and Emily!!!
~Hope and the Dolls

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  1. Oh, no! I just realized that the originals are retired. That's very sad. It seems like new AG wants to disconnect with its roots. Never a good idea.


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