Friday, January 10, 2014

~Meeting Mini Ruthie~

Hey girls!  It's Mini Becca here, and sometimes a mini doll just has to post!  Here's what happened today (in my perspective) while the dolls were at school...
It was a dull and boring snowy, cloudy day and I sat in my usual spot in Mal's room, and Ruthie had dropped off Meatloaf for the day.  I was getting bored listening to that dog's snoring, so I figured I should go snooping around.

I got out of my bed and remembered--Mini Ruthie still needed to be opened!  She was probably so scared, lonely and frightened in that box--just as I was when Mal opened me, but now I love staying here! 

I inched closer towards Mal's closet (look at all the dresses she piled up in there! O.O).  Next to the bed Mal and Saige had hidden Mini Ruthie--Ruthie's birthday present.  

I jumped over the lamp cord crossing Mini Ruthie's box, and landed perfectly on my feet.

With all my strength, I managed to lift Ruthie's box up, and throw it over the cord (sorry Ruthie ^_^)

I set her down carefully

And then I opened the box, where a doll and a book lie inside.

I carefully picked up the book, setting it aside.

"Hello?" a little voice peeped from inside the box.

"Hey!" I called, "my name is Rebecca, but just call me Becca. I am Mallory's doll, and soon you are going to be Ruthie's doll!  Your a Mini Ruthie!"

"Wow!" said Mini Ruthie calmly, "Nice to meet you.  What will my name be?"

"I don't know," I said, "but for now I'm going to call you Ruth."

"Wonderful!" said Ruth, "I've always liked that name!"

"When is Ruthie's birthday?" asked Ruth, probably wondering when she would be out of the stuffy box.

"February 12th," I replied, "but until then, I promise to visit you everyday and we can play together.  We can run from Meatloaf and play hide and seek and play pranks on the dolls!"

Here is a picture of both of us, besties! ;)

A side view

Sadly, Ruth had to go back in her box but I will see her again tomorrow!

I lifted the lid back on the box

And placed her right where she belonged!  See you tomorrow, Ruth!
Did you enjoy our photostory? :)


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