Saturday, January 4, 2014

~AG Dolly Sisters' 2014 Resolutions~

Hey girls!  It's Kit, again, and after gathering everybody's resolutions, I am finally going to be posting them!  I asked everyone to come up with 3 resolutions. 
First, we have mine:
1. To get my first book published
2. To solve even more mysteries!
3. and to spend more time with my girls and Meatloaf.
Next, we have Ruthie's:
1. To come up with more craft ideas
2. Not to be so shy
3. To get to know Molly and Saige some more
And, we have Mal's:
1. To be even more fabulous!  (Seriously, how can that girl get even more fab?)
2. Not to yell at people on talk shows for wearing overalls, suspenders and bowties all at once!(yeah, she actually said that!? And what's wrong with overalls?!)
3. not to spend so much time acting (SHOOTING MY NEW MOVIE!) and to be able to hang out with my besties some more.
Here we have Sydney Lee's:
1. To become more advanced in ballet and tap
2. To earn my pointe shoes!!!
3. To not focus on ballet so much and spend time with my fam.
And here we have Caroline's:
1. To find some more rare rocks (yeah, she loves collecting rocks.  She can even identify them!)
2. To start a garden in the spring!
3. Try to get my family to come outside and go green with me (tried to convince Mal yesterday...she said "But green isn't even in season!")
And Saige's:
1. to try to improve my writing some more
2. not to go hyper when i drink dr. pepper so much 
3. to spend more time with the girls instead of texting and painting
And lastly, Molly's:
1. To boost my IQ up some more!
2. To earn my brown belt in Karate (HI-YAH!)
3. And to learn even more!
Well, that's all we have, folks! (LOL).
Have you and your dolls come up with your New Year's Resolutions yet?
Your reporter and writer,


  1. Saige's New Years resolution is kinda wacky. She wants to meet Picasso(the painter, not the horse), and adopt a horse of her own, and ride Georgia a lot.

    1. Is this your is Saige's New Year's resolution, or Hopes Saige?

  2. Molly's is to get KITTEN.
    - AnonymousA

    1. Alyssa Jewel Faith LicitraJanuary 6, 2014 at 3:05 PM

      A kitten? :D

    2. Yeah, a kitten, AKA ISABELLES KITTEN tUTU.
      - AnonymousA

  3. Cute!

    Enter my weekly photo challenge here:

  4. I love all your dolly's resolutions! They are hilarious! ;)


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